Out in the world there is a community of people dedicated to recreating the past, and thank heavens for them all. On this page are some links to related websites for all things medieval.

Worthy of first mention is artist Graham Turner - his painting 'The Battle of Towton', showing Yorkist archers in the opening stages of the battle is just one of his fantastic medieval prints.  See more of his work at:       
www.medieval-market.com      clothing and everyday items
www.sallygreen.co.uk        clothing
www.tudortailor.com        fabrics and patterns
www.getdressedforbattle.co.uk     clothing, weapons, armour
www.todsstuff.co.uk            weapons, leatherwork, castings
www.karlrobinson.co.uk          leatherworker
www.english-longbow.co.uk      longbow maker and traditional archery supplies
www.plantagenetshoes.co.uk      boots and shoes
www.perry-miniatures.com      metal and plastic scale figures
www.quicksarchery.co.uk      archery supplies
www.archeryworld.co.uk      archery supplies
www.historicalcaps.net        hats and caps
www.sallypointer.com       clothing, textiles, hats, knitwear
www.whiterosearmoury.com        bespoke armours and helmets
www.nortonarmouries.com       polyurethane armour and helmets
www.philfraser.com        leatherwork, clothing, hats, archery
www.priorattire.co.uk       fabrics and clothing 
www.kgarlick-shoemaker.co.uk     boots and shoes
www.thelongbowshop.com        longbows and traditional archery supplies
www.bickerstaffebows.co.uk      traditional longbows, accessories and clothing
www.arbalistarmoury.co.uk       bows, crossbows and traditional archery supplies
www.oakappledesigns.com       resin cast reproductions of medieval carvings
www.alisonandhughshandmadethings.co.uk    historical knitting, leatherwork,      furniture, supplies
www.barebowarchery.co.uk    medieval style warbows, longbows and traditional archery supplies
www.greenmanlongbows.co.uk     medieval style warbows,  longbows and traditional archery supplies
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