Big anniversaries don't come round very often, so it was great to take part in the Flodden quincentenary event at Etal Village, not far from the battle site in Northumberland in 2013.

Flodden was a significant encounter between Scotland and England, resulting in huge casualties for the Scots and the death of King James IV. It was by all accounts a brutal battle, and marked the end of truly 'medieval' warfare.

Re-enactors from all over the UK converged to put on a fantastic spectacle, recreating a little bit of camp life and key moments from the battle. 

A longbow said to have been used at Flodden, now in the collection of the Royal Company of Archers in Edinburgh. (Excuse the quality of the photo as I had to stitch together several images). It's an unusual bow in that it seems almost square in section. Most longbows have a D shaped section. Thanks to the Company for allowing me access to photograph the bow.

Twizel Bridge, over the River Till in Northumberland, completed in 1511. The bridge was crossed by around 10,000 English troops with cannon on the morning of the battle in September 1513. Crossing here, and further downstream at the ford at New Heaton, allowed the entire English army to outflank the Scots. 

It's a beautiful bridge and until 1727 it was the largest single span bridge in Britain with an arch of 90 metres in width.

... and finally, a quiet tribute at sunrise at the Flodden Monument.
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